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Achieve a healthier, more energy-efficient home with a sealed crawlspace.

While generally viewed with the mentality of “out of sight, out of mind,” most crawlspaces are a source of mold, mildew, humidity, and insects. Even though the dirt or cement in your crawlspace may appear to look normal, this area is full of moisture and humidity that leaks into your home, providing a hospitable environment for mold, fungi, and insects that can damage your wood framing over time.

Sealed Crawlspaces in Asheville, North Carolina

The solution to this problem is to invest in sealing the crawlspace sitting below your Asheville, North Carolina home. A sealed crawlspace improves the energy efficiency of the home, improves indoor air quality, adds useable storage space to the home, prolongs the life of the foundation, helps floors stay warmer in the winter, and keeps pipes from freezing. Sealed crawlspaces also protect the appearance of hardwood floors and simply make this space more presentable, which can add to the value of the property.


At Pisgah Insulation & Fireplaces, we are certified to install crawlspaces from Basement Systems. These systems use a 20-milliliter, 7-ply sandwich of high and low-density polyethylene with a polyester cord reinforcement on the floor that’s fastened to the walls. The liner of the systems is treated with an antimicrobial finish that protects against mold and mildew growth beneath the system and is an effective vapor barrier.

Sealed crawlspaces promote healthier, more energy-efficient homes, and we would be happy to tell you more about the system we use and processes we follow. Contact us at Pisgah Insulation & Fireplaces today for an estimate on sealing your home’s crawlspace!


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