Closed-Cell Foam Insulation, Asheville, NC

We’re proud to deliver high-quality products, including closed-cell foam insulation.

Closed-Cell Foam Insulation in Asheville, North CarolinaFiguring out the right type of insulation to use in a structure is an important step in ensuring its energy efficiency. Certain types of insulation work best in specific situations, while others may not provide the results you want. Foam insulation is one of the most efficient options, since it can fill in gaps that other materials can’t, but it’s also available in several formats. Closed-cell and open-cell foam are two of the most common types, and understanding the differences can help you determine which will be a better fit for your project. Both are spray-in foam insulation options, but open-cell foam is made of cells that are left open, creating a more flexible, soft finished product. Closed-cell foam includes closed cells, which are pressed tightly together to prevent moisture and air from moving through them.

Closed-cell foam insulation can be up to three times denser than open-cell foam, so it provides a higher R-value. The R-value of insulation refers to its resistance to heat flow, so a higher number indicates better insulation capabilities. Another difference between the two is the expansion – closed-cell foam insulation typically expands to about an inch of thickness, while open-cell foam usually expands to about three inches of thickness.

At Pisgah Insulation & Fireplaces, we offer all types of insulation to contractors and property owners in Asheville, North Carolina. This includes closed-cell foam insulation, which can improve the energy efficiency of a property and protect it from heat loss. Contact us today to learn more or to get started on your project.