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We offer wood, pellet, and gas stoves that are an exceptional heating alternative for your home.

If you are looking for an alternative for heating your Asheville, North Carolina home, as a backup or to reduce your dependency on the furnace, we invite you to contact us at Pisgah Insulation & Fireplaces to learn more about our heating stoves. We offer several options, including wood, pellet, and gas models to choose from, and our dedicated staff is happy to assist you with selecting the right type for your situation.

Stoves in Asheville, North Carolina

There are several considerations that go into selecting the right stove for you. The fuel to be used is just one of them. Two other important aspects to consider are the size of room you want to heat and how much maintenance you are willing to perform. The size of stoves is also something to think about if you have a specific area you want to install your stove in and need to have the required clearance for safety purposes. Some of the other factors to understand include the maximum burn time, firebox capacity, log length capacity (woodburning models), efficiency, and emissions of each model. Don’t let all that confuse you, as our team is happy to explain it all when you are looking over the stoves we have to offer.

It used to be that most stoves were large and bulky, not to mention challenging to regulate. Thankfully, there are many models available these days that are aesthetically pleasing, have a small footprint, and are easy to use. When we install a stove, we make certain you know everything about how to use it and maintain it for a lifetime of performance. Contact us today to learn more.


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